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Binomial distribution page:
Poisson distribution page:

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Blog 1 page: stock market data image:
Blog 1 page: blue normal distribution image:
Blog 2 page: book cover:
Blog 3 page: LaTex log:
Blog 4 page: Freakonomics Radio logo:
Blog 4 page: DNA picture:
Blog 4 page: math picture:
Blog 5 page: Woman running:
Blog 5 page: Fruit and vegetables:
Blog 6 page: Confirmation Bias:
Blog 6 page: Anchoring Effect:
Blog 6 page: Authority bias:
Blog 6 page: Bandwagon Effect:
Blog 6 page: Conservatism bias:
Blog 6 page: Current Moment Bias:
Blog 6 page: Dunning–Kruger effect:
Blog 6 page: Gambler's Fallacy:
Blog 6 page: Hindsight bias:
Blog 6 page: Ingroup Bias:
Blog 6 page: Loss Aversion:
Blog 6 page: Negativity Bias:
Blog 6 page: Neglecting Probability:
Blog 6 page: Observational Selection: via paid storyblocks license
Blog 6 page: Post-Purchase Rationalization:
Blog 6 page: Rhyme as reason effect:
Blog 6 page: Zero-risk bias:

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Cartoons and comics page: XKCD logo:
Cartoons and comics page: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal logo:
Cartoons and comics page: Sidney Harris cartoon section:
Fun books page: "What If?" cover: https://
Fun books page: "Soonish?" cover:
Technical books page: "The Analysis of Biological Data?" cover:
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