The internet can be a dodgy space and many websites collect detailed data about their visitors. Seriously, companies know much more about you than you realize and they analyze that data (with statistics of course) to increase their profit.

This site doesn't use our own cookies or track your activities individually in any way.

Any targeted ads you see are based on what other sites or your browser knows about you. Eveything on this site is free, transparent, and non-invasive. Your privacy is important and is not compromised in any way by

This site does use Google ads (just like almost everyone else), which creates personalized ads based on what Google knows about your online activity. If you would like to know more about what this means, these two sites provide information:

We do receive general usage data from our hosting service and Google, but these are limited to the types of devices used, the countries visitors are coming from (you can use a VPN if you're concerned about this), and basic demographic data based on Google's tracking. No information about any specific person is available to us here at and we prefer it that way.


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This information is intended for the greater good; please use statistics responsibly.

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