F distribution (α=0.025)

The linked tables show Fmax critical values corresponding to α=0.025. The table displays values for for degrees of freedom in the numerator from 1 to 12 and for selected degrees of freedom in the denominator from 3 to 1,000 (and infinity). These values are used when doing F tests of unequal variance with two values (e.g., ANOVA). The table below shows critical values for the F probability distribution. The table displays F values corresponding to α=0.025. These values are used for determining significance when doing an F variance ratio test.

Typically, if you are deciding whether the observed variances deviate significantly from one another, you are interested in whether the calculated F value exceeds the F value in the table below corresponding to the column for the degrees of freedom in the numerator and the row for the degrees of freedom in the denominator.

Two tables are displayed, for varying magnitudes of degrees of freedom.

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